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All are welcome to the community food hub/community fridge. There are no referrals needed or forms to fill in. If you feel you would like to use the food hub then please bring your own bag.  Produce available will vary according to supply so we cannot guarantee what we will have available.  Want to know how to donate food?  Want to know if the hub is for you?  Want to know how the hub works?  Click here to be taken to our FAQ

We also run a free community café at the same time as the Food Hub.  Do come along and join us for refreshments and a friendly chat.  (You can come in around the side of the church if you don't want to collect from the Food Hub).


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Can anyone in the city visit the Cherry Hinton community food hub?
The hub is primarily for the local residents of Cherry Hinton as there are now hubs in communities around the city but no-one will be turned away.
Who is the food hub intended for?
The hub is primarily for people who are struggling to meet the costs of food, but in the second hour of the session, we're inviting everyone to come and see if they can help use food that would otherwise be thrown away.
Can I donate food to the hub?
Donations of in-date non-perishable food are welcome: they can be brought to the back door of the Church (the Centre door) and left during the time the church is open (1:30-4pm on Wed). If you would like to donate but need a different drop-off time please call the church office on 01223 242954.
Can I donate funds to the hub?
Please do consider donating much needed funds to the hub contact St Andrew's Church for details of how to do this. 
Can I volunteer to help? 
Yes! This project depends on volunteers. We need drivers to collect surplus food from supermarkets and people to run the Wednesday afternoon Hub operation. We have a great community of volunteers happy to commit to a few hours every two or three weeks: if you'd like to join email

Can you deliver food to me?
Those staffing the 'hub' cannot deliver however anyone with a volunteer doing their shopping can ask them to go to the 'hub' for food. Remember that there is usually a wait to get into the hub in the first 45 minutes of opening. And remember to bring your own bag!


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