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We say NO!

On 23rd January 2022, residents from Cherry Hinton, Teversham and Romsey gathered on the Tins path beside the proposed Parcel A to declare their opposition to Anderson's latest plans. This is a copy of the speech that was read out.

"We are all here today to send a firm message to Anderson and to our city council’s planning committee.

We say NO.

No to a 24/7 distribution centre in our village.

No to a significantly increased number of heavy goods vehicles on residential roads

No to increased noise, light and air pollution in Cherry Hinton, Teversham and Romsey.

Anderson bought the land over 12 years ago. They fenced it from the public and all environmental agencies and went on a mission to turn a declared wildlife area into brown land. They systematically sprayed the land with deadly chemicals which killed vegetation and animals.

They originally wanted to build residential homes in the area. This was refused, as the land was deemed unsafe and unfit for purpose.

Now they are trying to push a huge distribution hub (B8) our way.

Anderson's conduct over the years has clearly shown us that – despite their glossy appearance – they put their profit before Cherry Hinton residents. They care very little for the environment. They claim to listen to us but they don't.

We are here to say enough is enough.

Anderson submitted their second proposal little more than a week before Christmas, during a pandemic peak. Was this a deliberate move to try to weaken our objection? We are here to tell Anderson that they will be met with a strong objection every time, until they stop suggesting this land is fit for B8 hubs.

I want to say thank you to all residents and the members of St Andrews congregation for their support. You are all truly wonderful and it is a privilege to see our strong community coming together to help raise objections.

Thank you to those that helped their elderly neighbours object, thank you to the leaflet distributors who braved the cold to canvas, and thank you to those who are scrutinising the seemingly endless documents submitted by Anderson to the planning department. Thank you to those who donated money.

Anderson are unlikely to withdraw their application, but this doesn't mean it's over. We have to keep the comments coming past the deadline. We have to keep up conversations with our elected representatives. We have to keep investigating the documents and we have to keep demonstrating that this application is a disaster not just for Cherry Hinton but for all of Cambridge."

Asnat Doza, Co-ordinator: Residents Resistance Group, January 23rd 2022

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