Land south of Cherry Hinton - Why should you care?

A HUGE parcel Distribution Centre will be built on former industrial waste land in the heart of Cherry Hinton unless you protest!

This is what it will look like:

And here is where the HGV’s carrying the stock to fill those warehouses will have to go (this is the only route in for high HGVs because of the low bridge the other end of Coldham’s Lane.

The application says in one document (the ‘Non-Technical Environment Summary’) that the increase in traffic will be ‘non-perceptible’. However, buried in another technical document is the prediction that HGV traffic along Coldhams will increase 1000% and along Cherry Hinton High St 200% as a result of this development.

You can object to this application on the grounds of the ‘size and scale’ of this huge development right up against residential dwellings and schools (3 within about 100 metres of the development). You can object on the grounds of health and safety asking how the Council plans to deal with issues of liability if the pollutants aren’t handled safely by Andersons, if the methane gas or asbestos under that plot escapes into residential areas and if someone drowns in the lakes they are opening up to all comers. Those lakes are also industrial waste dumps and are very unsafe for swimming.

You can ask how cyclists and pedestrians will fare on Coldham’s Lane and Cherry Hinton High street with all this extra HGV and other traffic? You can ask how the necessary closure of the Tins cycling path during construction and its planned re-routing under a road will affect the cycling agenda and environmental policies of the City Council. You can object on grounds of reduced Air Quality in a dense urban area which is unsuitable for this level of HGV traffic. And the effect on the natural environment so much of which will be under concrete due to this proposal, with residual wildlife affected by pollution and human activity.

You can object on the loss of ‘residential amenity’ ie the views across open land to the Gogs, the increased noise, light and air pollution from the 24hr 7 day a week operations of a distribution centre. You can object that the pollution and vibrations from HGV traffic queuing and turning the tight corner at the junction of High St and Coldhams will damage the medieval church and make this community space of Church, Church Centre and Churchyard less accessible and peaceful.

You can object that Andersons has not consulted properly on this proposal. They did consult on a previous proposal for residential development which was discouraged by the Council, and now have flung the distribution centre plan in without any community consultation. Can we trust them to handle a former industrial dump safely, without endangering the residents and schools so nearby?


You can either go to the Cambridge planning portal: and enter the reference 21/02326/FUL.

Or you can write a letter to:

Planning Department, South Cambridgeshire Hall

Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6EA

In your correspondence, you must include the reference number: 21/02326/FUL

Please encourage each member of your household to object, including children whose health and wellbeing will be most impacted by this development. Numbers of objections count!! Please object as soon as you can! The deadline is 9th August.

Here are a few examples of the comments from local residents :

Should developments of this scale not have a more thorough consultation process? This is a disingenuous, cynical, and undemocratic approach by the applicants, and insults the integrity of our wonderful city, those who look after it, and those who live, work, and play in it.

These vehicles will add significant levels of pollution, noise, and HGV vehicle traffic a mere 100m from the Spinney primary school. The proximity of this small but popular school means the residences in the area surrounding the proposed site will be perpetually populated with families with young children for the foreseeable future. Clearly, a 24 hour source of noise and fumes will be detrimental to their sleep, health, education, and overall well being.

I object to this application on the grounds that it breaches Policies 34, 35, 36, 55 and 56. Also, as reported to you on 18th June by LLFA, your own consult, the application poses unacceptable flood risks, breaching Policy 32. It is out of proportion and harmful to the quality of life of local residents, which must be protected by the Local Plan. Furthermore, in February 2019, Cambridge City Council declared a 'climate emergency' and on 22 May 2019 the City Council also unanimously declared a 'biodiversity emergency'. Despite the acres of greenwash in its vast quantities of submitted documents, this development will undermine our urgent and vital efforts to enhance and maintain biodiversity and the tree canopy. If successful, it would encourage exactly the sort of commerce that will damage local enterprise and employment by proving that only insecure Mc-Jobs servicing global enterprises that evade paying the taxes that provide the very infrastructure upon which their parasitic businesses depend.

Andrew’s Church.

Author : Karin Voth Harman, St Andrew's Church, Cherry Hinton 1st July 2021

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