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Financial Support for Local Chalk Streams

A plan to carry out projects which make local chalk streams and the species they support more resilient was submitted to the Combined Authority by Greater Cambridge Shared Planning – a partnership between South Cambridgeshire District and Cambridge City Councils.

The chalk streams of Greater Cambridge are of international importance and their restoration is fundamental to addressing both Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils declared Biodiversity and Climate emergencies. The chalk aquifer which feeds these unique watercourses also supply the region’s drinking water. As a result, to help ensure there is enough water for local people and to support the economy, they must be healthy. dgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, Dr Nik Johnson, added: “Chalk streams are a vital component of the ecosystem unique to our beautiful region. These water courses provide a haven to many of our most beloved native species such as the otter, kingfisher and water vole. Furthermore, they are an important element in purifying the very water that keeps us healthy. Making these improvements to preserve these streams is therefore a legacy to the future. By supporting schemes like this is we are delivering on our commitment to doubling nature and the protection our fragile ecosystem.”

Link to full article here

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