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Do you need an IT Buddy?

The pandemic has brought about many changes to our lives but one of the most fundamental has seen people shifting to a more digital world and embracing life online.

Restrictions meant the lionshare of our lives suddenly shifted online; whether that was for communication and sociability or more practical reasons such as buying food and accessing medical support.

This shift can be daunting for people not used to living online. Cambridgeshire County Council library services are relaunching a popular pre pandemic service an IT Buddy scheme to help people with limited digital skills to grow in confidence and expertise.

IT buddying is aimed at people with limited IT knowledge and is part of the Cambridgeshire County Council service priority of digital inclusion and helping all people to get online. The session is user focused and delivered by staff and volunteers and may be a combination of one session or a follow up if needed.

The 121 face to face sessions help with getting over an obstacle to doing what they want to do digitally - setting up an email address or social media account, help with an app, using video calling – anything hardware or software related that’s not technical support or buying advice. One popular request comes from grandparents getting digital devices for gifts and not knowing how to use them.

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