Cherry Hinton Residents' Association developed from the Colville Residents' group and earlier this year we adopted a new constitution which recognised that our aim is to represent the views of all Cherry Hinton Residents.Our objectives are:

To safeguard and promote the interest of residents in the area on matters concerning housing and the environment.

To help to improve living conditions, community facilities and services for residents living in the Group’s area.

To provide a forum for residents to engage in the decision-making of bodies such as Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council.

To assist in the development of a healthy, vibrant and inclusive community including the facilitation of events and activities.


a) Membership shall be open to all people, irrespective of tenure, resident in Cherry Hinton as defined by the City Council boundary.

b) Membership will also be extended to individuals whose working responsibilities support the Group’s objectives.

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Projects have included 

Working with stakeholders to realise much needed additional community space in Cherry Hinton

The opening of a community cafe in Cherry Hinton

Celebrations of WW1 armistace in 2018 with RBL, St Andrews Church, Ol'Boys Club and Young at Heart

A Very Cherry Christmas

Launch of new Cherry Hinton Website

Community Newsletter 

Jubilee coin given to all Primary School children.

Planting of 420 Jubilee tress from the Woodland Trust on the Recreation Ground.

New noticeboard

Community Resources Consultation.


Contact Details

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Minute of the AGM of CHRA 2018