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Cherry Hinton
Fit for a Queen: Cake Competition

Best Childrens’ Victoria Sponge
Best Childrens’ Cup Cake (3 cupcakes required)
Best Childrens’ Novelty Cake
Best Victoria Sponge (adult)
Best Tray Bake (adult)
Best Sweet Scone (adult) (3 scones are required)
Best Novelty Cake (adult)


  1. Contestants may be amateurs or professional chefs/cooks

  2. Entry is free for all categories with one entry per category for each individual.

  3. Cakes must be home baked – store baked cakes will not be accepted for judging

  4. Baked goods should be prepared in a clean and safe kitchen and be fully baked.

  5. Bakers should submit their cakes on a paper plate and removed from tins.

  6. Bakers should present their bakes at the Village Centre between 12 noon and 12:45pm. No entries will be accepted after 12:45pm.

  7. Judging will take place from 12:45pm and the results will be announced at 3pm. Bakers are encouraged to return in time for the results. (No earlier than 2:45pm) You may like to have tea and cake in the Jubilee, vintage team room in the small hall.

  8. Cakes should be collected from the Village Centre no later than 3:45pm If cakes are not collected they will be donated to the Jubilee Café running on Saturday.

  9. Please do not submit anything that requires refrigeration.

  10. Each entry should be marked with the name of the category being entered, a full list of ingredients and the full name of the baker.

  11. The Scoring System: Each contestant will be assigned a number for judging (judges will not be made aware of the entrants’ names until results are compiled). Submissions will be judged on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest. Contestants will be judged on taste, texture and appearance. Results from the judges will be collated and the highest score in each category will be presented with a Cherry Hinton Star Baker Certificate. Winners will be encouraged to have their pictures taken for publication on the Cherry Hinton Website and other media covering the event.

  12. The compiled results of the judges will be considered final and there will be no appeals process.

If you require any further information, please email


Good luck to all bakers – we look forward to seeing you on 3rd June, 2022.

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