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Cherry Hinton, near Cambridge, is an attractive village and home to over 10000 residents, it retains a true village identity where a wide variety of clubs and societies flourish.

There is an active community life.​

This site aims to give local information, details of events and news items to the residents and to visitors to the village. If you have an event, a project, or news item that you would like publicising then please contact us: email (or click the icon)


Cherry Hinton used to consist of two separate settlements called Church End and Mill End. Church End developed on the higher ground to the north close to a spring line, which provided fresh water. It was also close to the fen edge, which could be used for supplies such as fish, wildfowl, thatch and fuel. Mill End developed in the south around the large natural spring pool, known locally as Giant’s Grave, providing an excellent supply of fresh water. It was situated at the foot of the Gog Magog Hills, which provided upland pasture for livestock and great defensive views.ragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Cherry Hinton
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Cherry Hinton Residents' Association developed from the Colville Residents' group and earlier this year (2018) we adopted a new constitution which recognised that our aim is to represent the views of all Cherry Hinton Residents.

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